The Cons of Formant

The Cons of Formant is their self-titled debut album. This is a masterful journey of songwriting and arrangement. It features a fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar, bass, and string arrangements. You’ll hear elements of bluegrass, singer-songwriter, & alternative rock in this masterpiece. Produced, mixed, & mastered by Tim Griggs. Tim is also currently mixing their second album, Tributaries.

She's My Girl

Mike Feinman’s critically acclaimed debut album. This rugged romantic has been at it for a while. Tim explains, “I’m honored to have been part of his [Mike’s] musical unveiling. Mike has been writing songs for about 30 years so there is a ton of good material in here. There will likely be several more albums to come.” Produced, mixed, and mastered by Tim Griggs.

PS: Tim is also playing drums, lead guitar, bass, and backup vocals on this one. The female backup vocalist is Andrea Cavender.

Construction of Light

Another self-titled debut album Construction Of Light. This was recorded with Tim’s mobile studio setup in lead writer/guitarist Drew Skarda’s house in Maumelle, Arkansas. Doom Metal, they call it. Influences are the likes of Pallbearer, Rwake, Black Sabbath and countless other fantastic metal bands. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Tim Griggs.


This is Tim’s second full length solo album. Twenty-two came from a background of classical training, The Eagles and Nine Inch Nails. You’ll struggle to find a more diverse record out there. The songs range from orchestral pieces, to heavy industrial, then back to ethereal songs of mythological lovers. You’ll get something new from this album with each listen. Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim Griggs.