This kids’ comedy web series has garnered quite a bit of deserved attention over the last couple of years. With around 30k Twitter followers and 15k Facebook followers, viewers are guaranteed to enjoy what these kids are doing. The sketches are co-written by the cast. Funny and appropriate for all ages. Scoring and post-sound by Tim Griggs.

Introducing KRU

Introducing the Kid Replacement Unit (KRU). Watch as she terrorizes her “parents” with sarcasm.

Chauncy At The Cinema

Mark finally gets a date with Lacy. He tries to made a good impression, but Lacy’s pesky dog Chauncy has other plans.

The Skeeters Abduction

G Dubya, President of The Texas Skeeter Gun Corporation bites off a little more than he can chew after the hunted become the hunters.

Chauncy at the Front Door

Mark is looking for his crush, Lacy, but runs into an unexpected obstacle.