Pondering Life in the Early AM

What’s on my mind? I am constantly heartbroken by the lack of stock we put in each other as a people. Please tell me when I’m ever feeding into this phenomenon. God (and many others) know I am guilty. We need each other so much in this era. This is a throw away culture and I’m struggling to discover how we learned this. When did we become so incredibly jaded? When did we start telling each other, “There are 10 billion people in the world,” and that it’s totally acceptable to give up on another human being and move on with your monotone life because sometimes feeling things is just not worth the struggle? Who taught you that? Where’s the loyalty? Where are the others that my parents’ generation raised? FEELING THINGS IS ALWAYS WORTH THE STRUGGLE. That is how we grow; not only as individuals, but as a culture and a species. We have been given this incredible ability to be the masters of our lives and we repeatedly squander it. Sorry, BrenĂ© Brown. You may not approve because this is technically shaming, but in the words of Eric Cartman, “You’re breaking my balls,” people. We weren’t given the gift of life by Whatever Source so that we can exist as small, quiet, walking dead versions of ourselves until we die. There’s so much more. I’ve seen it and I’ve seen it mindlessly taken away. I’m tired, but I’m not broken and you will never see me bending my knee in the name of apathy. Fin. Special thanks to the moms out there who somehow did something right. Love ya, mom. #realtalk #phileo #thegoldenrule

Listen to “Long Ass Winter” and “Lighthouse.” Same vulnerability levels 9/10 đŸ™‚

Photo courtesy of Humblebee Media

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