Blackbird singing in the dead of...

Within The Dream (Horror Track)

Back to Blog Stock music for a horror film. Contact me for music licensing. Original photo courtesy of Humblebee Media Back to...

Pondering Life – 1 Reason to Not Invite Me to a Photo Shoot

What's on my mind? I am constantly heartbroken by the lack of stock we put in each other as a people. Please tell me when I'm ever feeding into this phenomenon. God (and many others) know I am guilty. We need each other so much in this era. This is a throw away...

Long Ass Winter (Song)

Back to Blog   Lyrics It's gonna be a long ass winter without you here Verse I: Half Cherokee and lovely as the day is long And the other half must be some type of angel Great Spirit who am I to've felt her perfect love And did you take her just to test my heart's...

Flat Track (Instrumental)

Spanish Electric Guitar. Instrumental variation of an unreleased song of mine called “Unraveling.”

Lighthouse (Song)

Although it aches for you
my heart breaks for you
the only healing you’ll find is time
when that healing comes
trust that I’ll have been here all along
as your lighthouse, attempting to guide your way home

Cure The Lonely (Song)

Back to Blog Check out this heartfelt singer/songwriter track. Film music licensing available. [soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=true&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true"...

Wood, Horsehair, & Steel (Film Music)

Back to Blog This short arrangement is made up of all stringed instruments (including a little piano... well a normal sized piano, but in a small dose). [soundcloud url=""...

Hurricane (Song)

New song, All writing and Music Production by Tim Griggs, music for license, film music

Film Music Playlist

Back to Blog Here are some samples from my film music library. Scroll down for a list of the projects I'm currently working on. Back to...

Strengthen Me (Song)

Back to Blog Check out this song from my upcoming album. Back to...

Moom (Instrumental)

Back to Blog Dug up this old fossil off an old hard drive. B-Side from my old band OCEAN. Back to...

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